Securing Your Magento Store Admin with HTTP Basic Auth on Nginx

Make sure to install apache2-utils in your Ubuntu Server. $ sudo apt-get install apache2-utils Then set user and password for HTTP Basic Auth $ htpasswd -c /var/www/.htpasswd username Open your nginx conf file and insert following location ~* ^/(index.php/)?admin { auth_basic “Restricted”; auth_basic_user_file /var/www/.htpasswd; location ~* .(php) { include fastcgi_params; } try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args; […]

How to remove rkhunter attachment called “noname”

If you have followed some tutorials and set as cronjob and ran it, you will get an email from rkhunter with an attachment named “noname”. To solve the problem change your script as follows: #!/bin/sh ( /usr/local/bin/rkhunter –versioncheck –nocolors /usr/local/bin/rkhunter –update –nocolors /usr/local/bin/rkhunter –cronjob –report-warnings-only –nosummary –nocolors ) | /bin/mail -s “rkhunter Daily Run […]

Icinga2 : DISK CRITICAL – /sys/kernel/security is not accessible: Permission denied

First, I tried to run check_disk command with root user. It worked great. But when I tried to run check_disk command with nobody user, I got following. # su -s /bin/bash nobody bash-4.2$ /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_disk -w 70% -c 80% DISK CRITICAL – /sys/kernel/security is not accessible: Permission denied Then, I checked permission of /sys/kernel/security folder # […]

How to enable autossl feature and lets encrypt plugin in WHM?

Autossl feature is one of the great feature now available in WHM. AutoSSL helped many cPanel and WHM users who had issues with SSL installation and renewal. cPanel & WHM ships with the cPanel (powered by Comodo) provider. To install the Let’s Encrypt AutoSSL provider plugin we have to install it with scripts provided in […]

Starting RDP service in windows server 2008 R2 remotely

windows server 2008 r2

What to do if RDP (Remote Desktop) services stops and you are logged out from server? Solution: download pstools. PsTools is a set of utilities to perform all sorts of administration tasks both locally, and on remote computers as well. In this case we are going to start RDP service in remote windows server. In […]

What is apache MPM?

Apache – Prefork or Worker What are MPM’s? It modifies the basic functionality of the apache server related to multi-thread & multi-processes style of working. It must be built into apache at compilation with http_core and mod_so modules. Only one MPM can be loaded into the server at any time. Apache 2.x supports pluggable concurrency models, […]

How to restore compromised WordPress website?

Follow following steps to restore your WordPress website which has been compromised. These steps will help you to restore your WordPress website without any cost. Compress the entire remote site files from cpanel and download to local Delete everything in ‘public_html’ folder Change FTP, cPanel, email account and MySQL passwords Unzip local site and scan […]